How to Find Clerical Jobs

Clerical jobs are plentiful, but you have to start somewhere for your search. If there is a company that you would like to work for and that hires clerical workers, call them and ask for the human resources department or the executive assistant.

Search both local and online job boards. Look for job titles such as clerical worker, administrative assistant, file clerk, word processor, or records clerk. If you are willing to move, you’ll find lots of jobs listed on the online boards, such as Monster and CareerBuilder.

You might also consider temporary staffing agencies. They will likely have you take a basic skills test and then sign you up for whatever openings they have. Some of these jobs will work into a permanent job if your work is satisfactory.

Mention to everyone that you know and that you run into that you are looking for a clerical job. Someone may know of an opening in their company that has not even been listed on job boards.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013